VMW-4104-25-W/K-P80 - Vacuum Regulator - 25" Hg with Adjusting Knob and 1/16" ID Barbs

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Medical White’s RMW-4104 / VMW-4104 Series pressure and vacuum regulators are designed for applications requiring very low output settings and low flow. Full scale ranges as low as 1.5 PSI pressure and 3” Hg vacuum are available. Serttings as low as 1” WC are easily maintained with both. Both units wil also accept a pilot input, allowing pneumatic control of the output setting (see schematics). Hysteresis free adjustments are made through a non-rising stem, available with an attractive knob, plain (to allow the installation of OEM knobs) or flush for “back panel” applications.


  • Regulator Type: Constant Bleed, Relieving
  • Wetted Materials: Polysulfone, Silicone, Stainless Steel
  • Max Supply: 30" (760 mm) Hg
  • Temperature Range: 40° - 150° F (4° - 66° C)
  • Effect of Supply Variation: < .01" (.254 mm) Hg per 5" (127 mm) supply change when dead-ended
  • Repeatability: < ±.03" (.76 mm) Hg
  • Drift: < .05" (1.27 mm) Hg after 24 hours
  • Recommended Filtration: 5 micron

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VMW-4104-25-W/K-P80 25" Hg with Adjusting Knob and 1/16" ID Barbs
VMW-4104-25-W/K-P85 25" Hg with Adjusting Knob and 1/8" ID Barbs

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